Given Palazzo Daniele's quiet setting in an authentic non-touristy location and the property’s dedicated local team providing personal connections to the area, it's no surprise that guests at Palazzo Daniele feel like they are faraway from the usual hotel experience. Taking this feeling to the next level, guests have the option to reserve the entire palazzo, transforming what seems like a rare visit to a private residence into a unique stay in their very own exclusive palazzo. Whether you are seeking a special getaway for friends, family, or more, the entire property will be exclusively yours to enjoy. What does living at the palazzo actually look like? Palazzo Daniele offers a luxurious experience with its black-bottom pool, steam bath, and sauna, providing quiet retreats and social spaces for you and your guests. Sip our expertly crafted cocktails at the pool bar before indulging in delicious dishes prepared by four talented local chefs, each bringing their own unique flair and traditional recipes from the Salento region. Step into the courtyard to enjoy breakfast, a glass of wine, or a cozy fire. Alternatively, relax in your own private garden or coffeehouse. For more information, contact

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