Enter a realm that originated during Italy's formation. Constructed in1861, the same year as Italy's reunification, by the well-known local architect Domenico Malinconico and later renovated by its owners in the early 20th century, Palazzo Daniele served as a family residence for four generations. The final member of the original family, Francesco Petrucci, traveled abroad to acquire contemporary art before returning to adorn the palazzo with pieces that would embody its artistic essence. In need of refurbishment and burdened with old furnishings, Palazzo Daniele was revamped by Francesco, also the creator of the renowned Capo D'Arte festival, into an art hub where he could welcome artists from across the globe. Having achieved his vision, he successfully removed the unnecessary items and decorations from the rooms, focusing instead on showcasing the historical elements of the building. By creating open spaces and intentional gaps, Francesco enabled artists to tap into a creative energy flow that inspired them to envision and produce new artworks.

our heritage

Embracing the concept of simplicity, Milanese designers and architects Roberto Palomba and Ludovica Serafini removed all unnecessary elements that concealed the original structure's timeless characteristics. Through the intentional creation of open space, they revealed hidden historical features like intricate frescoes and mosaic flooring, creating inviting spaces to display the contemporary art collection. The property showcases site-specific works such as a Luigi Presicce lamp, Nicolas Party stools, a Roberto Cuoghi sculpture, and Carla Accardi's lithography, alongside ancestral portraits and neoclassical design elements. The minimalist decor and plain walls direct attention to the stunning 19th-century frescoes on the ceilings, which bear cracks to symbolize the passage of time. In September 2018, Francesco Petrucci made the decision to handover the palazzo’s keys to his dear friend and art enthusiast Gabriele Salini. This allowed Salini to introduce this grand marvel to a fresh wave of travelers and art aficionados. Palazzo Daniele welcomed its first guests in April 2019, unveiling a distinctive approach to hospitality. The property preserves its historical charm while incorporating modern art and local traditions, creating a unique blend of past and present for visitors to enjoy.

"We brought the past to life—and filled it with the future."

The journey from a family palazzo to a palazzo open to guests brought 11 glorious suites to life. Each is elegantly designed with high ceilings and a monastic spirit, offering views of the courtyard, the outdoor pool, or the charming town square. This place blurs the boundaries between art and practicality, allowing guests to immerse themselves in a timeless atmosphere while gazing at the sun and the essence of Gagliano del Capo, a tiny village located in Salento, at the southernmost tip of Italy.

Visionary owners

Palazzo Daniele is a hospitality project brought to life by two passionate art enthusiasts and long-time friends: Italian entrepreneur Gabriele Salini and Francesco Petrucci, the current owner and last descendant of the aristocratic family that built the palazzo in 1861. After working overseas in the legal field for a few years, Francesco returned to his origins in Puglia and established Capo D’Arte, a non-profit contemporary art exhibition that engages the entire community of Gagliano Del Capo. "I brought all my interests back home, filling my residence with individuals from the creative industry." At the same time, following the success of his first property, G-rough in Rome, Gabriele made the decision to establish a collection of Italian hotels known as the "GS Collection". This collection aimed to blend art, design, history, and music in order to redefine the concept of Italian hospitality. Honoring the originality and uniqueness of each property, his hotels present a distinct personality and an authentic narrative that is connected to their location. For him, Palazzo Daniele was a perfect fit. “A place should always come with a story,” he says. "Palazzo Daniele started not as a hotel but by Francesco and I inviting our creative friends—photographers, designers, artist curators, musicians—to stay with us. It was like opening a door to our community. And I want to keep that creative-community feel going for my guests. I am not interested in an ‘art hotel’ as a concept. Like Francesco, I love to work with artists!”